My Fitness Journey

I have always been quite athletic; at school I was on the
Varsity Volleyball team, the Dance team and the Track team – I only ever really
tried at school so that my GPA was good enough to stay on the sports teams. As I
got older,

I began to get lazy and comfortable in the relationship that I was
in at the time (too comfortable some might say) and fitness sort of dwindled in
the background.

I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and I was
mortified at the sight staring back at me. I decided it was time to change my
life. Don’t get me wrong – by no means was I completely out of shape but I certainly
wasn’t where I wanted to be. In December 2014 I met Shaun – my better half. We
decided to hit the gym together in the mornings before work and now before the
blink of an eye I go most mornings. Turns out I only needed that little bit of
motivation from the right person to get off my back side and start exercising
again. It is so hard to stay on track and get up at 5am every morning but I feel
much more awake and healthier (even if they wobbly bits are still there). It’s
a long process but I am happy with the progress that I’m making even if they aren’t
always visible.

Over the last year I have paid much closer attention to what
I eat. As a kid Haribo were the name of the game; Tangfastics, Starmix, Golden
Bears. I literally could not get enough, living over seas I begged and begged
for my aunt to post me some. The older I got the less often the Haribo parcels
would appear, but I guess now I’m thankful that the adults in my life curbed my
sweet train because I’m sure I’d have lost half my teeth if they hadn’t.

I will always be a big food person, a lover of all things
nice; form cakes and pastries to steak and prawns. It has been one of the
biggest struggles in my life to try and eat healthy. But with hard work, meal
prepping and a better judgement on what I put in my body (after all – you are
what you eat) I am managing to eat a healthy diet – don’t get me wrong I still
enjoy all the bad things in life. It’s just a matter of eating in moderation and
having one cookie instead of 5.

I have learned over the last year that small changes make a massive
impact, even if it’s only getting up 20 minutes earlier than usual and doing a
little morning Yoga or running an extra five minutes than you would normally.  I can guarantee that any change no matter how
small will help you on your fitness journey towards reaching your goals. 


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