No Internet // Current Mix and Match Skincare Routine

Starting up a new blog without broadband at home was
probably not one of my brighter ideas. I wanted to get blogging at the start of
the New Year so that I could share my 2016 musings with you, however moving
into a new place around Christmas time meant that things like broadband and TV etc.
took a back seat.
Come half way through January the Sky TV was finally
installed but due to poor communication my internet wasn’t and still isn’t. So I
write to you from my desk at work.  

I want to talk about skincare routines and my awfully long
road to finding the right one. As a kiddo and growing up I used Simple, because
yes it was that simple; they had face washes and creams and wipes galore but
now in my mid 20’s I realised that this wasn’t really working for me. The cold
weather here in Aberdeen, the long shifts that I put in at work and all the
sweating at the gym I needed something with a little more love in it.

Growing up I always had quite nice skin, didn’t have to
worry about acne and living in Malaysia meant that I always had some colour on
my cheeks. But here I was with the odd breakout here and there and skin that
felt so tight and dry that no miracle cream in the world could fix it.  I have normal skin perhaps slightly dry at
times and even a little oily on occasion, but using all the wrong products on
my skin was making it stray from the norm.

After hearing about the wonders of Liz Earle I thought id
give it bash, they had a great deal on so I went for it. I liked the cloths
that came with  the set (I still use them
now for alternate products) but about half way through using the set my forehead
was looking a little shiny and the toner that I was using didn’t feel all that comforting.
So I moved on to try Clinique.

Again I have heard great things about Clinique, so I went to
John Lewis and tried out the travel set (Type 2). I cleansed away and then used
to the Toner but my eyes cried and my cheeks were on fire. I returned to Clinique
and decided that it wasn’t for me.

I now have a mix and match skin care routine and I think I’m
finding it just perfect. My skin is soft with no more spots and its not feeling
tight and dry (even around my nose) it’s the perfect base for make up and I couldn’t
be happier with it.

The products that I use are:

  • Vichy – Purete Thermale, Fresh Cleaning Gel
  • Liz Earle – Gentle Face Exfoliator (I use this about 2 times per week)
  • Clarins – Toning Lotion with Camomile
  • Clarins – Multi Active Jour (Day Cream)

I also use Vichy – Purete Thermale waterproof eye makeup remover.

All of these products are available at Boots.


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