G Y M L Y F E – Feeding the Soul and Wonderment.

So – I wrote this post earlier and then the computer at work did not want to play ball so here I am posting this to you a little later than when I wanted to. 

It is 815 AM on a Wednesday and I have already  been to the gym, showered, had my breakfast and made it to work – all things that were seemed impossible and very far out of my reach these last few weeks. Since returning to my mundane lifestyle I have not felt up for working out, eating well and nourishing my soul. I have been lazy and grumpy and even had a massive night out consuming far too much alcohol which in turn only made things worse. Who knew hangovers lasted for 3 days? I am not a fan.

All Things Love is sort of a place where I can write and write until my heart is content – sometimes I worry about sharing my thoughts in case there are any onlookers who don’t like what I have to say but in the end… this is my happy place – I guess if people don’t like it they can just navigate away from it J

This post is a rambler, just me writing my feelings on this journey that we call life.

I have been worrying, getting excited and thinking a lot over the last few weeks about these big changes that are due to happen in this next week. Major mixed emotions so to speak.

I am starting on April the 1st with a nutritionist and a personal trainer (all online). I have specific goals that I hope to achieve in the next three months. I want to lose roughly a stone, become more educated on how to figure out what my body and soul want and need and I want to change the way that my body looks and feels. I am only a shorty at 5 ft 3 and I weigh quite a lot considering. Since meeting my boyfriend we have been working out together and I felt great. Then this last 3-4 weeks happened and I feel like I have gone right back to where I started – in fact I feel worse. This morning was the last straw, I forced myself out of bed (in a very bad mood for some reason) went to the gym and did a shoulder sesh with Shaun – I started to feel a bit better so after he left I went on the treadmill and walked on the highest incline for 20 minutes with my jumper on so that I could get a real sweat on. Once I was done I felt AMAZING, it was the perfect start to my day. I couldn’t be happier.

It always amazes me that more people don’t use exercise to boost their moods – after all it’s a natural anti depressant.

I also wanted to tell you that… I have been accepted into University. I’m going back in September to do my Post Graduate in Human Nutrition. I am already qualified as a nurse but I think that heading down the Nutrition route is where my heart is and I cannot wait to start my new adventure. 

I have to admit that some people haven’t been as supportive as I was hoping and I keep hearing that I will never find a job in it. I guess this is the first time in my life that I am choosing to do something that I want to do and through recent events in my life I have realised that it’s ok to be a little selfish sometimes. So here I am today pondering on the future and what its got in store. Hoping and dreaming of all the amazing things I can do once I have my degree, maybe even combine it with my nursing. Who knows? 

All Things Love will definitely be filled with all the excitement that 2016 has to offer and I can’t wait to share it with you. 


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