The French Riviera Part 2 – Choopy’s Antibes

It has almost come to and end of my vacay here in France – once I eat my Cupcake from earlier today that is. I have found myself spending everyday with the family and getting to know my nieces and loving every minute of it, however I am craving my home routine. I am a little bit of a home bird and when things are out of my routine I find myself feeling a little lost. I haven’t been eating the right foods and my exercise routine has dwindled a lot. So on Sunday when I head home I am going straight to Yoga and eating a nice healthy lunch so that when Monday comes I am ready to tackle it head on.

The last week has been absolutely lovely however the weather hasn’t played ball 100% of the time but I certainly can’t complain though – when I left Aberdeen it was snowing.

Antibes overlooking The Alps

We haven’t done to much site seeing but I’m not sure how much of that is possible with a 3 year old and two teeny tiny babies. I have been over to Antibes twice and today we found a little gem of a cafe.

Choopy’s is a little place just in the centre of Antibes. Down a little ally and its right on the corner. The staff were so welcoming and we got ourselves a little table with extra chairs for the babies.
I enjoyed a Nutella Frappe which at first I wasn’t to sure about – then I mixed it all together and it ended up being the most amazing drink ever. With that I had pancakes (gluten free) with some bacon on the top with maple syrup. Now I know this sounds like the most unhealthy lunch in the world but its Friday and I’m on holiday. They do offer other more savoury items on the menu – my sister had a bagel with cream cheese and lots of other delicious little toppings with a beautiful salad on the side.
If you are ever in the area or over here on holidays I highly recommend popping to Choopy’s even if it is only to grab a little take away cupcake.

Some of my snapshots of Antibes://


Bagels and Pancakes

Choopy Choop
Little road with a puppy
Such beauty
Choppy Waters

And so my holiday comes to an end. Tomorrow I will babysit in the morning and try to get a little yoga in. Before I know it – my routine will start all over again. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I am starting a new programme on the 1st of April. I will keep you updated on it.


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