So the first day of my 3 month Nutrition plan and PT plan has come and  gone. Over the past week I sat and pondered over all the information that I received from my coaches. Now I have to say – overwhelmed is an understatement. I spent the weekend looking at charts, graphs, words I didn’t know and exercises I was unfamiliar with… and I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t be able to complete 1 day let alone 3 months of this change.

Was I wrong or what? I food prepped turkey burgers, tried foods I haven’t ever had like Cauliflower cous cous and completed a workout that I didn’t think was possible. All in my first day! So I am pleased that I have managed to overcome my fears of perfection and the unknown. I like things to be in order – where nothing can be out by a millimetre, and I have realised over the course of this week that this in fact is not what’s going to happen over the next 3 months – in fact, in reality I have to accept that the majority of things probably won’t pan out the way they are imagined in my head.

The rest of this weekend is going to be dedicated to getting on track with my meal prepping, money planning, exercise plans and trackers. The trackers are a little daunting but just something I will get used to. 

Over the last years I have been an on and off gym goer, healthy eater part time, and a slacker in other aspects of my life. This is the year ear marked for change. I am so passionate about health and I am a massive foodie. It is time to act and learn instead of hoping and dreaming. 

I am determined that this next three months will be life changing – even if only marginally. I want to lose the weight I have set in my goals, ensure that I try  my very best to complete what has been suggested to me and to hopefully start to see some results.

Im nearly finished week one, and I am already feeling more confident that I can manage to make these changes. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for the coming months, so hopefully I can get it all started and under my belt 🙂 Watch this space. 


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