C U R A T E D S T O R I E S :// Aberdeen, West End

I spent an afternoon with a friend of mine; having rhubarb tea, catch ups, blog talks, life chats, taking photos and paying a little visit to one of the mot beautiful little shops in the west end here in Aberdeen… Curated Stories. 

The perfect shop for buying presents… for yourself… just kidding (but seriously), for weddings, friends, birthdays, babies, family, boyfriends, girlfriends… you name it. 

Its quaint, it has a lovely personal touch and most of all its story behind the scenes is inspiring and totally original. I haven’t met many people out there who can open a shop like curated stories and do the job from the absolute beginning  all the way to opening day all with her own two hands. It was a breath of fresh air going in there and hearing the inspiring story behind it. 

I can’t wait to head back and pick up a few pieces for my flat. Just to add to the amazingness of it, there is a Curated Stories Studio just down the road which hosts a Yoga and Hot Chocolate night!! I am going to get myself booked in for one if it’s the last thing I do!

Instagram: curatedstories 

Facebook: @curatedstories


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