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So I am in the last month of my LBP programme. Here is my updated story.

At the start I completely dove head first into fitness and nutrition and completely focused 100% on it and it was all I could think about. Now that I have made this transition to making sure that this is a lifestyle that I am going to continue with I have realised that it does take determination and focus to stick to any plan – but toning it down ever so slightly makes it that much easier.

Lately, I have started working 12 hour shifts again and no longer do I sit at a desk with a perfectly timed routine. This makes eating a whole lot more difficult because as a Nurse, some of you may know that in a 12 hour shift you might not get a break or even a chance to pee until 4pm!

When I stared with LBP; in my head I had to stick exactly to the precise measurement of the ingredients even though there were some that I didn’t particularly like (for example I hate nuts – I know… who hates nuts?) but now that I am in the last month, I have come to realise that yes the calorie intake is important to lose the weight but its not as strict to maintain the weight. I have learned that if I don’t like particular things that there are alternatives!

I have been through every emotion that I could ever feel through these last few months and don’t get me wrong there were times where emotions took over and a couple choccy biscuits were eaten, but all in all I am so pleased with where I stand. I feel better and I look healthier, my skin is glowing and my hair feels so soft (might be my Arbonne products but i’m pretty sure that my lifestyle has been a major contributor!)

With only a couple weeks left it’s safe to say that this journey was a much needed one and it has changed my outlook on food completely and my focus on fitness is only getting stronger.

I have made some tasty dishes through the months and I have enjoyed pretty much all of them. I cannot wait to make up some of my own recipes and share them with you.



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