4 Ways to De Stress Before Work

My four little ways to help destress before the work day!

1. Drink a Cuppa tea.

I am an avid tea drinker,
regular tetley, green tea, peppermint tea, elderflower tea, camomile
tea… any hot cuppa, you name it… I love it. I find that during any
stressful time in my day whether be it at work or in my home life that a
little sit down for ten minutes with a cup of team is a game changer.
a student nurse back in 2009 I was always asked if I wanted a cup of
tea when I was on placement.. it was the nursey thing to do; take 5 and
have a cuppa. I used to load it with sugar and milk to get the tart
taste away.. but I soon came to realise that in any given situation, a
little cup of tea can make all the difference.

2. 10 Minute Energising Yoga

recently started doing a quick ten minute yoga session in the morning,
following youtube videos such as Madeline Shaws 10 Minute Energising
Yoga video. I jumped out of bed and rolled out my mat, lit a candle and
away I went with a little session. Once I was finished I was ready and
stress free for my 14 hour day ahead of nursing and hitting the gym.
Wake up 15 minutes before your alarm and I promise you won’t be

3. Go to the Gym or for a Run

used to not be a regular exerciser, however over this past year my
fitness journey has grown. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week or get some
form of exercise in whether it be yoga, a wee jog or a gym sesh lifting
those weights! I find that it is one of the most effective
antidepressants and easiest ways to relieve that stress that builds up
through work. The best time for me is before work as it sets me up
perfectly and puts me in a great mood for the whole day ahead, and I
find myself much more active and awake throughout those long shifts!

4. Organisation

this one starts the night before. “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”
this is so accurate. If my bag is not ready the night before, chances
are I wont get that morning gym sesh in and i’ll take it upon myself to
eat absolute rubbish through the day and probably forget half the
paperwork I need. Packing my bags the night before and prepping all my
meals takes away all the morning stress and leaves plenty time for that
mini yoga sesh or hitting the gym for that workout! Plus it means that
you can fly through your day with ease and know that you haven’t
forgotten anything!


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