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I have been a little sparse this last month, I decided to take time out to really focus on the present. There are a few things that have been happening so here’s my update.

As you may know I am starting University next month to study Human Nutrition, so I am completing a 6 week access course to biomedical science to ensure that i’m ready to study at a postgraduate level. I am relearning things I did at school and i’m finding it to be one of the hardest things ever!! Simple algebra and basics in science – it was so long ago that I did it at school and I have basically forgotten all of it… I mean I always said algebra was a waste because I would never need it in my life and now I wish I had paid a little more attention.

In addition to trying to study again we are in the process of moving flat, so I’ve been organising and sorting and throwing stuff out but I cannot wait to move into the new flat. I need more space and the best part is the kitchen is in a different room from the living room!! It’s not joint like it is here so there is plenty room for cooking and experimenting with new recipes – perfect for the nutri nurse!

Lastly I have been searching my soul for what I really want in life. Going to work (a job that I don’t want to do forever) everyday and grafting for 12 hours doesn’t give me much time to focus on what I really want. I hope to grow my blog and fire out as much valuable information as possible about my passion. I hope to be a qualified Nutritionist once this Masters is out the road and hopefully I will manage to complete a Yoga Course so that I can combine my passions and create the job I have always wanted.

I plan to up my blog game and continue down this road, but for now – I am off for a food shop and yoga in the afternoon.

Happy Sundaying xx


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