Back to School at 26

As some of you may know,  I took the plunge and decided to head back to
school and retrain as a Nutritionist. This decision went with a long
list of pros and cons and I decided that if I didn’t do it now I would
forever be doing a job that I didn’t like and be a miserable old lady
who never lived the life she wished.



I am now a week and half into my MSc in Human Nutrition here at the University of Aberdeen and its safe to say that I am completely overwhelmed, worried and nervous and all things that come with starting something new and daunting! However… I have met some lovely people and I am looking forward to the classes that I have coming up.. I might be able to understand some of them! hah but I have got my lab coat and worked in a lab for the first time. (Definitely the most unflattering item of clothing I have ever owned however I’m out of luck because you aren’t allowed in the lab without it)

My mini survival guide for getting through the first little bit of University is pretty simple… DO NOT PANIC – everything will turn out just fine. I can say this because I have done the scary bit; felt intimidated and scared… and guess what.. I’m still here writing this to you.

There are 4 things that have helped me this far:

Being organised for University is pretty much the holy grail. Have all of your pens, notebooks and folders all ready to go before starting, that way when you walk into that very first lecture you will be all set for taking notes, plus you won’t look like the dafty asking to borrow pens and papet etc.
Additionally, super helpful to note down all your passwords and timetables because without them… you’re late for class, locked out of emails and course details and lets be honest… you look a little foolish.

2. Be Calm and Collected
I was so so nervous on my first day. I didn’t know what to wear.. would I be cold? Or sweating? I was worried about meeting other people, I was scared of walking into the wrong lecture theatre and having everyone stare at me… The list is endless. However I realised that all the above nerves were mega irrational and I didn’t come close to walking into any wrong lecture. It really helped to get there a little early and find the lecture hall.

3. Study
I knew that heading back to school meant I was going to have a lot of learning to do… but I don’t think I prepared myself for what I walked into. Yeah sure there are exams, essays, lab reports etc etc but I also want to use this time to find myself.. explore life a little more, realise that hopefully I am smart enough to complete this degree and find out where my career lies… So study is broad topic, and I hope to see if from all sides and take as much as I can from it in the next year.

4. Prepare Food
Lastly, we all know how much I like to eat.. I love snacks, lunching, hot chocolate… I love it all. I didn’t want to be the kid at school who had to eat alone because everyone else brought their food and I would have to saunter off to source lunch by myself… So bring some snacks – keep your energy up, healthy lunches – it doesn’t give you the option to go off and eat something that might not be on the healthy side. Plus the area where we sit and eat… is full of vending machines!! I mean why… why have they gone and put all my favourite, very naughty foods in a big box right in front of me? Bringing my own snacks has prevented me so far from buying that mars bar and Starburst. Plus… I can’t really be eating all the wrong foods when learning about Nutrition.. it just doesn’t add up!

I hope you  have enjoyed my little story of going back to School at 26. If any of you have any little tips for me I’d greatly appreciate it. This stuff is hard!



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