My Little Box – G O O D N I G H T

Happy Monday!!

I wanted to do a blog post on this magical little box that appeared on my doorstep this frosty November. My Little Box is a subscription box that gets delivered monthly; created in Paris it has plenty little Parisian chic touches to it. I decided that I wanted to subscribe to this particular one because its more than a beauty box its a lifestyle box. I absolutely love getting a little present through the post it feels like Christmas every month! A gift to me… from me. 🙂 sometimes you just need that little pick me up.

This months box is called Goodnight – which is pretty fitting seeing as its pretty much night all day long in this horrible freezing weather Aberdeen is offering at the moment! Just kidding, but I have to say I was super excited to see the contents of this months oh so sweet, little box.

1. My Little Goodnight Box – definitely giving my jewellery a place to get cosy!
The sweetest little half moon dish sits perfectly next to my bed for my jewellery to sleep in, and its the perfect size for the bedside cabinet.


2. Sleeping Mask – who doesn’t need an eye mask? This one is so soft and has the cutest little moons covering it. Magic for me if I’m coming off of night shift and desperate to sleep in the day. I struggle so much with daytime sleeping because I feel guilty that I’m not studying or cleaning or doing the laundry.

3. Garnier SkinActive – Pure Active 3 in 1 – can be used as a wash, scrub or mask and it smells so F R E S H its unbelievable. I absolutely love fresh smells that invigorate me in the morning and eucalyptus is definitely one of those scents.

4. Moonrise Make up Remover Jelly. Now this one comes from the My Little Beauty range (My Little Boxes in house range) the packaging is the sweetest and I love the idea that it is jelly that turns into a gentle milk once its been in contact with water…
Review: This one definitely lived up to my expectations.. its exactly what I want in a make up remover. My eye makeup just slid off… I like to use a hot cloth once my face is lathered in product just to make sure that all the little nooks and crannies are got to and it’s safe to say that this little beauty is going to stay.

5. Eau De Parfum – Accord Chic from Yves Rocher
It’s spicy, it’s strong, it’s feminine…. and its the perfect tiny size to fit in my hand bag. Accord Chic is perfect for Autumn/Winter with its woody scents, there’s a touch of vanilla and amber and I L O V E that its got a little hint of seduction to it.

Just to top off all the cuteness that arrived they came packaged in this adorable draw string bag and the Wintery Goodnight box.

If you are anything like me and love a little pick me up then find a box suited to you… and place that order… You won’t be disappointed!!



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