It is Wedneday evening, I have my first real big exam for this MSc on Monday the 5th… (send hugs!) I have been working on the module and finding that I am probably more stressed that I need to be. I am a procrastinator… if there was a MSc in that, I’d definitely be winning somewhere! I write to you about the stress of exams and how to handle them… (adulting)

1. Water… water.. WATER!

As you might know I love tea. Tea all the time everywhere. And the thought of drinking a cuppa to keep focused sounds so good.. but it’s to good to be true. I very rarely drink fizzy juice and I don’t drink coffee so caffeine has a real wild effect on me when I do have it… like a kid after a trip Codonas… (that’s our beach front amusement park in Aberdeen if you are not from around here)
We all know that caffeine makes you a little more alert, I’m sure a lot of you have that moment in the morning where you just can’t get going without your caffeine fix! However it is proven that even moderate amounts of caffeine can have a negative impact on your health. So I stick to about 2 cups of tea per day with a dash of milk at a maximum… I do drink fruit teas and peppermint tea (no caffeine) because its a bit chilly in the UK at the moment. Besides my daily love of tea… I drink approximately 3 litres of water. Trust me I am reaping the benefits of it. It relieves fatigue and gets rid of sore heads… plus keeps my skin looking fresh.

2. Healthy Snacks…

Sitting here and reading about Carbohydrates and Lipid Metabolism can really work up an appetite. It is so easy to walk through to the kitchen and pick up a digestive… or a small bowl of crisps… and although I don’t restrict anything from my diet, snacking on those all day everyday can be mega destructive on your health. Try a wee baby tangerine or a handful of nuts. I made raw chocolate balls from the Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow book and they are just magic for a little pick me up when I am feeling a little sleepy. I find that taking short breaks works better for concentration (and my sanity)!

3. Exercise

I know during exam time, that there is not much spare time to do anything… I have made exercise a small priority to help with anxiety and stress. I have said it before that exercise it the best antidepressant and lifts your mood  – research proves that it reduces stress and anger! Even if you cant manage a full whack at the gym, squeeze in a small home workout, a yoga session or put your trainers on and go for a run or a walk out in the fresh air. 🙂

4. Relax

Make sure you take time to relax. I always thought that working working working was the only way I would ever learn anything but little did I know I was running myself into the ground and stressing over literally anything anyone said to me. Make that little bit of you time. Whether that is having bath or a wee face mask… or just watching a little TV or cooking… take the time and enjoy it but know that you have to get back to what your reading/ studying. It helps to keep on track of what your doing and gives your brain that little break that it needs from all the information you’re feeding it!

5.  Sleep

I am one of those people who can sleep anywhere, I learned being a nurse how to sleep standing up on those night shifts that you just need a 5 minute break. I fall asleep so quickly because I tire myself out in the day with gym, work and studying. I don’t need to tell you the importance of switching off at night and getting those zzzz’s in. Getting enough sleep for an adult ranges from 7-9 hours a night; not only does sleep help repair your body, improve your memory and reduce stress it’s also your down time. YOUR down time. So during this horrible exam time make sure you get enough sleep in, it will help keep you focused and feeling fresh for the next day ahead.

Happy Exams!!



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