How on Earth do you Wake up at 5AM?!

A lot of people ask me how I can be bothered going to the
gym before work. I start work at 0730 and it takes roughly 30 minutes for me to
drive there from both the gym and from my flat, which means I need to be on the
road by 0645! Just like everyone, there are days where getting out of bed
before daylight feels like an impossible task. However there is light at the
end of the tunnel!

The early riser

I haven’t always been able to get up at 5am but I have never
really been the type to sleep until 10am either, I guess my relationship with
sleep is that I need it to fuel my body and the day ahead. And that is all. I
don’t fathom over the fact that there is a snooze button on my phone. I now
accept that I have to go to bed that little bit earlier. By 9pm its time to
wind down. All chores such as gym bag being packed and work bag being ready
happens well before 9pm. Winding down for me is reading a magazine, a book or
watching 30 minutes of a TV show. Chances are 30 minutes in I’m struggling to
keep my eyes open.


I don’t set an alarm. (Shaun sets one for safety but it
never goes off because we are already awake) My body clock wakes me up at pretty
much the same time everyday. Weekends and weekdays are the same, 5am and we are
up! I much prefer to get things done in the morning such as tidying up, the gym,
and laundry, even on days when I’m not working. Waking at the same time
everyday is great for your sleep/awake rhythm and completely changed the game
for me. If 5am isn’t for you wake up at a time that suits you and your
lifestyle (the earlier the better).


Packing your bags and prepping your food the night before is
a big one. Generally, if my things aren’t ready for the morning it’s a lot
easier to just say, “nah not today my stuff isn’t ready and I can’t be
bothered”. Or“I don’t have time to pack
my gym bag and hit the gym and then make it to work on time”. (I’ve used this
one myself a good few times)! Being organised the night before takes
the stress out of a hectic morning when time is tight. Plus, all your work
stuff is packed… unpacking it at home makes the guilt real!


Every morning upon waking, I stretch. I stand next to my bed
and raise my hands above my head and stretch over to the left and take some big
breaths – I really feel my lungs expanding right down into my tummy and then
over to the right I do the same thing. This stimulates my brain and my nerves and
gets me moving. I like to be a rag doll and do a forward bend and let my arms
hang down as I sometimes wake with a stiff back. 


I always keep water next to my bed, every night there is a bottle (mostly because I’m scared a spider will go for a midnight swim my water if its in a glass). I drink water all day and I like it there next to my bed in case I need it  – that way I don’t need to crawl out into the cold! First thing in the morning I get a glass of fresh water it wakes me up and brings me to life.

I hope this answers some of your questions and let me know
if you do anything special to help you wake up at the crack of dawn!

Love Rachel xx


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