Three Wellness Resources I L O V E

Well hello there muffins!  

I hope you are all well. I am currently sitting on the sofa
snuggling with Milo (the cat I have been looking after) he’s so cute but my
word he is tiring me out more than my usual nursing shifts do.

I decided to write this post to tell you a little about a
couple of apps that I have been using to help me along this mindful, yoga,
meditation journey that I am on. I know this is terrible but lets me honest… I
spend a lot of time on my phone. I wake up and check it and it’s probably the
last thing I do at night (I am trying to change that).

Yoga Studio

I downloaded this app after I saw Niomi Smart using it in
one of her YouTube videos. Social Media ever make you buy on impulse? I
basically wanted something that I could use on the go, anywhere at anytime.
Yoga Studio gives you the freedom to do that; it’s basically like attending a
yoga class with a virtual teacher. One of the benefits is that you can schedule
classes so it’s in sync on your phone. Not to shabby ey? You can set it up so
that it’s aimed at beginners, intermediate or advanced and you can chose the
essentials you want to focus on. For example: balance or flexibility. People
always tell me they don’t have time to do yoga or exercise, yoga studio has
already made collections that are as short as 15 minutes. So no excuses!

1 Giant Mind

This one is focused on meditation. I am a beginner with
meditation and I’m still finding my feet there. I have started using the 1Giant
Mind app to try and help me reduce my stress levels and learn where my mind can
rest. It includes a 12-step meditation course and a 30-day challenge, plus you
can keep a little journal on the app to help you keep on track. I’m still
working my way through this one but so far I love it! Definitely somewhere to
start if you are new to meditation, like me!


This last one isn’t an app. It’s a magazine. Called Breathe.
I absolutely love getting cosy on a day off from work and reading this little beauty. It
focuses on wellbeing, mindfullness, creativity and escaping.I love to read and I used to buy Cosmo and
fashion edits but I realised I was literally throwing money into the bin. I
decided to change it up and try something that altered my outlook on how I lived
my life. Breathe actually makes me feel something inside my heart and mind and it
makes me want to make good choices and take a step back as apposed to wanting
to run to the shops and buy a pair of shoes that are so impractical they would literally
sit in the closet and stare at me.

They all offer something a little different and I would recommend giving them a whirl.

Happy learning!

Love Rachel


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