And I’m Back in the Game!

H E L L O!

I have been on a soul searching, coffee trying, finding my passions, learning what I really love, fringe cutting journey theses past few months. I kept trying to find out what I wanted and decided that I wasn’t happy with the way things were panning out in life. I was feeling low, blue and constantly tired of trying to be someone else. I focused on the gym and healthy lifestyle as I thought my body and mind craved it but really what I craved was happiness.

So here I am finding happiness. Just wanted to let you know that I am back to writing, planning, taking photos, enjoying hanging out with my friends and spending that good old quality time with my better half. We have holidays planned and a very good pookie is coming to visit me (fingers crossed she makes it) in September… So there is plenty to look forward to and plenty to blog about.

Heres to a fresh start! Who cares that it’s August already!

Much Love



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