My Take on Hygge Minimalism

There are so many different things come to mind when I think of minimalism which is kind of ironic. I started watching YouTube videos online and at the time I was still sorting and sifting through my flat. Going through a pretty personal journey brought light to me that minimalism might help sooth my soul and clear my mind a little. I am all about the journey of finding freedom, for years I have been locked away in my own mind, virtually bullying myself and showing myself nothing but hate. Starting the minimalism journey has brought so much out in me and my heart.

And so the journey began.

 I cleaned, sorted and sifted until I was happy with the things that I had left. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t cut my wardrobe down to a certain amount of items and I didn’t completely clear my counter tops in the kitchen and sometimes… just sometimes my shoes don’t make it back into the closet after a long ass day at work.

After what felt like a million black trash bags later hitting the charity shops, friends, family and the bins… I am now left with whats a happy amount of belongings. Things that bring me happiness, some are sentimental and some are just because. But they all have a place in my heart and in our flat. Although I love the clean white look of the flat (thanks new Dyson) I have always been connected to the vintage, wooden, rustic look… If I could have reclaimed wood EVERTHING I would. But unfortunately I don’t… If anyone knows anywhere in Aberdeen that has beautiful reclaimed wood furniture let me know!

Our little flat here in the heart of the city is a mixture of minimalism and hygge; I like this clear, clean and chic feel to the flat but at the same time there is a little hint of cosy, vintage and wooden. I used to be a firm believer that only one thing would work, one style, one idea… but really…. that’s crap. Mixing it up is working just fine, actually it’s better than fine. It’s working out beautifully. There are a couple last tid bits that need done, like the bedside tables need (I say need loosely, they aren’t broken but they definitely don’t make me happy) replacing and the table next to the sofa is big one. 

By no means am I there yet, I have gone through all my handbags (a big one for me as I’m a handbag LOVER) and given them to friends, there are still a couple left if anyone is interested! The shelves in the living room are definitely looking a little more naked but I definitely like the look of it. I am going to continue down this path and I’ll let you know where I end up.

Has anyone got any tips for a minimalist just starting out?


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