Social Media and Why I Decluttered It

I have sat here, pondering, over a couple of days with a empty page
in front of me. Staring at the computer until my eyes turned all fuzzy, I
just sat here in the quiet with the dog breathing gently snuggled into my leg….
not writing, not reading, not doing anything. Maybe I was unknowingly
meditating! We will go with that. I was meditating.  It has been snowing on and off this evening, Milo has been walked the dinner has settled and I am really enjoying the slow Wednesday night that it is. 

I just wanted to talk a little about social media and the
slow living journey I have embarked on. Since the chat of slowing down has
swirled into my life I have been thinking very deeply about it and I have
noticed how much time I spend on social media scrolling through beautiful
photos that others share. Now this is all quite trivial and I know there are
people out there who are thinking “who gives a flying f*ck Rachel” but the
truth is that I care.

I constantly look and learn and I have the want to know new things
about photography and the lifestyle that has grabbed me by the horns. Instagram is a magical platform for that and I intend to
keep it and continue sharing my photography with you and new life loves and lessons that I stumble upon. I love that there are
wonderful people out there who share their stories in the captions of their
photos and really get their feelings across to us mere readers. The other
platforms however do not really appeal to me much anymore.

Facebook, Facebook Facebook, Facebook… my love/hate
relationship with you. I have had it for years and the only reason I kept it
for so long was to look back at old memories of high school and to stay in
contact with my friends who live all over the world. But the truth is… everyone
who needs to talk to me or know me have my phone number. Facebook is mostly
full of memes, adverts and every now and then a ‘memory’ that highlights all
the heinous photos of me in my teens, mostly drunk and looking pretty
disgusting. Looking back at those photos makes me realise where I was in my life where I didn’t like it much and how much I love it now. I like who I have become and I have realised what I
actually like in life and what my hobbies are. Facebook definitely doesn’t portray

Twitter is next up, it has become the place that isn’t really
my ‘go to’ anymore. I don’t feel like looking at it as much when there are
places out there such as Instagram and Pinterest… safe to say I am definitely a
lover of people portraying their beauty and love through photography rather than
spitting words that can be misconstrued the wrong way. 

I have decided to keep Pinterest on the go as it is a magical place where recipes are stored, style inspo hides out and interior design ideas live. I love that at the type of a keyword or two you can be lead, swirling into hours of exploring and learning of literally any topic or seasonal shift out there. 

Without Twitter and Facebook niggling away at me ready for some procrastination, I have found that I am not really looking for them on my phone anymore. It has created much more time that could be spent doing other things that are worth my time such as writing, walking the dog, bullet journalling and cooking. 

I would love to know if anyone else has decluttered their social media and what change it has made!



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