Winter Goals

I have been sitting here contemplating for a while how I was going to start this post. There are so many different things i’m feeling at the moment and excitement is one of the major feels! I have some news and it’s something that I have wanted for years and the dream is finally coming true. There is a big move in the horizon and it might just be down the road to worlds most dreamy city. Ill keep you posted once everything is finalised!

I have a couple goals that I am aiming towards for the winter coming up and I have a big heavy feelings its going to be a busy busy time!

Check out that scarf swing! haha

1. Minimalising. 

As there is a move on the horizon I have been frantically trying to reduce the clutter in the house. Not only does it give me a sense of calm but it will be a lot easier to box up the flat and move it. Now when I say this i’m not meaning i’m going to town on throwing everything out. I am simply keeping the things that bring me happiness and donating or binning the things that don’t. I have been practicing this over the last months and it is definitely a journey I am keen to continue with. There are so many beautiful Intsagram accounts and youtube channels out there dedicated to minimalism. My absolute favourite account of all times is Jessica Rose Williams. So if you are feeling minimalism, go check her out and see where her account can take you!

2. Gratitude Journalling 

This is a big one for me. Over the years I have always been a notepad and stationary freak. It’s odd because the job that I do all I need is a black pen. You would be surprised how many different black pens I have floating around; enough to dish out to a primary school most likely. Gratitude journalling came to me when I was at a low point in my life. Writing down the things that brought me joy or what I was thankful for helped to nip some of those depressing feelings in the bud.  I have been one of those people who pick up and drop off journalling quite a lot. This time I am aiming to write a couple times a week instead of daily journalling. 

3. Keeping the Cold at Bay

I have already been full of the cold once last month and for the last couple days I feel like it has been lingering around trying to attack again! Lots of water, keeping up with my vitamins and trying to eat a little healthier are all on the top of the list. Keeping up with the little things can be hard sometimes people! So one of my goals is to manage it all a little better and keep healthy with the cold weather coming in.

4. Spending Time With You

Over the last year this little blog has been just a wee hobby in the background. I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked due to crazy working hours. Since the work hours have calmed down a little bit I finally have the time to focus on what I want to. Photography, writing and finding out about what you want. What do people WANT to read? Do people even read anymore? I don’t know butI enjoy writing so I hope there are still some readers out there!

Happy Wintering!


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