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The last couple months of 2017 literally disappeared before my eyes and I swear I didn’t even blink. Last year seemed like it was never going to end with all of the crappy things that happened. But then… the winds changed and everything went in our favour and here we are on the 1st of January. Let me explain. 

I was working a dead end job being bullied at work and strained to a whole new level mentally and physically. I never thought i’d escape the lonely world of care home nursing but I bit the bullet and applied for a different job in social work and to my surprise I got it! Shocked was an understatement. I accepted the job without hesitation because I had a good feeling that it was about to change my life. Unknowingly Shaun had been accepted for a new job as well but this one was down in Edinburgh. 

Every time we visited Edinburgh in the past we couldn’t stand having to jump in the car and drive back to Aberdeen so it really was a blessing that he got the job and accepted it! Much to my dismay, we were in a pickle… do we give up the dream to move to Edinburgh so that I could carry on at my new job? (one that for the first time in my entire life can say that I enjoy) or do we suck it up and accept that I shall commute every other week. Of course we chose the latter. So we rented out our magical little flat in the heart of Aberdeen and with a couple of visits to Edinburgh to view flats we found one. On the 11th of December we got the keys and moved down. Unpacking, driving back and forth to Aberdeen, Christmas and the New year all came and went and here I am sitting in our new flat contemplating this next year of my life. It really is magical that both of our careers took a turn in the right direction we got a new place down here and rented our wee flat out up the road. I guess good things happen to good people eh 😉

I haven’t got the new year new me head on because I did a lot of changing and growing over the last year and I am content at where I am in my life however I of course, like many of you have some new goals to set and work towards. So here we go:

Commit to my Blog

I have had Rachel Lauryn floating around for a wee while now, and I always find myself not knowing what direction to go in. Like a creative block is always in the way. This year my first goal  is to commit. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And that it is. I will spend time writing what I want to write and not what I think I should write. 

Read Read Read

I am a lover of books, the smell, the shops, the art and the beauty of the pictures in them. I have a small pile of books that I haven’t read yet and it always ends up the same… I read a page or two and fall asleep because I read in my bed most of the time. I am going to schedule time that is specifically for reading. Of course I will still read before bed as it relaxes me but I really want to enjoy the stories that I have and get lost in the pages. 

Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

My family have been living all over the place for a long time now and the week that we moved to Edinburgh my sister moved back to Aberdeen with her family. It is safe to say that I miss them when they are not around and I want 2018 to be the year that me and both of my sisters can bond and enjoy time together. Same goes for my friends. I only have a couple of close friends but thats what I like best. They are real friendships and they matter a lot to me. I aim to spend as much time as I can making memories with those I love. 

Work On my Camera

I want to work on my photography and not be so shy at whipping out my camera and going for it! I find it a littler nerve wrecking for some reason, I always have but I don’t want me blog or Instagram to suffer because i’m a wimp! So here’s to taking more photos!

Stop Being Afraid
to Try

I have always suffered from confidence issues despite being a loud mouth and appearing like I have my shit together. But inside I have low confidence and always feel that I am not good enough to try new things. There are a million and one things out there that sound so appealing to me but I wouldn’t know as Im to afraid to try. For example… a youtube channel. Would anyone watch it? What would I create videos on? Why would people want to hear my horrible voice jabber on for 15 mins? Thats just the beginning of it. So this year I am going to work on my confidence and stop being so afraid.

I think that will keep me busy for a while.

Happy New Years one and all!

Rachel xx


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