A Little Motivation – Natures Larder

Good Morning! Happy January friends. With the new year having come so fast, when better to give you a little shop local, happy health post?

For those of you who don’t know, Natures Larder is a Health Food Store in Aberdeen. I was fortunate enough to meet with Hazel; the proud owner of the new and improved shop on Holburn Street.

Hazel runs Natures Larder working full time and then some to please her humble customers. (she did tell me that you guys are the best part!) I am a lover of shopping local, health and beauty and I am still learning about all the different products and bits and bobs that Hazel stocks. I also wanted to learn from Hazel what it’s like to own her own company and the journey behind it as it is a massive inspiration for people (like me) who are still finding their feet.

It took Hazel about a year from the day she saw Natures Larder up for sale to the day she bought it to make the leap and take on the project. Her words of advice for us ladies out there trying to adult is to just go for it! Which now, when I reflect on my meeting with Hazel… if you don’t take the jump you’re left with regrets and what ifs. Back at the beginning of her journey Hazel had no idea what she was getting herself into. With research, a cunning plan and the want to be her own boss, she did it, made the jump and landed feet first.

Through brunch we discussed all things life and business. We agreed on many things but the one thing that stood out for me was that Hazel hopes that Natures Larder is aimed at the right clientele. That being us, the public, anyone and everyone. People who want to learn about food and well-being, people who are big meat eaters and those who choose the vegan life. Health is a tricky business, so many things to try, believe in and so many things that are controversial and taboo topics. However over at Natures Larder Hazel and her team hope to welcome you all.

Now for my favourite part. Interiors. I am a lover of interior design, crisp, fresh colours and an open airy concept. Natures Larder needed a face lift, there is no denying that the old store was cluttered, disorganised and crammed to the ceiling with products. Natures Larder got it’s well deserved face lift but not instantly, Hazel said that it took her 6 months to begin the reno. She didn’t want to jump in with all of the new things at once. As a learning curve it sure paid off. As you can see by some of the photos, the reno is clean, homely, with a sprinkling of plants and there is an amazing hand crafted, turning, wooden shelving in the window. Natures Larder finally got a fresh sign outside, new storage and new products. From the outside it is welcoming, charming and completely desirable for all you health lovers out there. And for the dog owners out there, Natures Larder welcomes pups too!

I am so pleased at the outcome of Natures Larder and I’m really REALLY excited about the journey that Hazel is on and where this will lead.

I would love to hear if any of you kind souls out there have visited recently and what you think of the new do!

Lots of love

Rachel xx


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