My Skincare Heros – Double Cleansing Like a Boss

So once winter hit me in the face like the freezing monster from Frozen, my skin crumbled and became this awful dry, spotty, blotchy flatlay welcoming of all things horrible. Ok jokes aside, my skin did break out and it was awfully dry. So I had to come up with a game plan to reverse the winter damage. 

I popped into my local Space NK (the land where dreams come true), and looked around for what felt like an awfully long time. I pondered all of the shelves and wanted to buy pretty much everything. After discussing with one of the lovely shop assistants it was clear that my skin was cry. She asked me about double cleansing. This is something that I never thought I’d do because I can be pretty lazy with skincare. 

The oil is
required at a minimum (I use 1-2 pumps), in my hand and apply it to my face and
it just melts the make up off. I like using face cloths to remove the oil. I
love a hot cloth on my face, it is so refreshing. Next up is the foaming
cleanser, this takes off all the remaining oil and cleanses my little cheeks.
It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and its pretty squeaky clean once the
routine is done. Lastly I put a dot of cream on my forehead, each cheek and my
chin and in circular motions massage it in. Job done 🙂

How is it that I have only just started double cleansing? Ladies, tell me i’m not the only newbie!


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