The French Snowy Riviera

Why hello there!! Welcome to my blog post from the French Riviera! I planned on coming out here to spend some QT with my dad as mum is back in the UK at the moment… I also planned on some sunshine hence my ill prepared closet choices I brought with me… It has done nothing but rain and snow this entire time. So much so that I have been stuck in the house twice!

I wanted to use some of the time that I had here to slow down, think about life and thoroughly relax and have some me time. I was going to explore by myself and visit the old villages with perhaps a spot of shopping.

When I first got here I ventured down to the Friday market in Valbonne… I have been there many times in the past and every time I go I fall in love with it more and more. The smell of fresh crepes and cheese fills my little nose and the colourful scarves and cosy knits always make me feel nostalgic. We wandered around all the little back streets and a cheeky little cheese monger sold me the worlds yummiest truffle cheese. Something not to be missed if you are ever down this way!

One poor wee stray that I wanted to take home 🙁

Now don’t get me wrong I spent a lot of time in the house in France as their were builders in, the snow was insane and the rain poured and poured. We ended up heading over to the one and only IKEA to pick up some bits and bobs and decided to pop over to St. Tropez for the afternoon. I got my first bit of sunshine for a WHOLE 15 MINUTES however the wind burnt my lips. Thanks a lot France. 

As much as I enjoyed France this time around spending some QT with my daddy the weather was a total let down. I didn’t get much content, I didn’t manage to get as much outfit posts as I wanted. So for now this is what it is. 

I am not  worried though, I’ll be back there again sometime soon and I will ensure that the weather won’t suck and that the sun is shining and I can take 1 million photos and show you all the best places to eat, to visit, to shop at. That is a promise.

Thats all folks!


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