The 3 Month Hangover. (The First Trimester)

The first trimester; the 3-month hangover (I haven’t had an
alcoholic drink since finding out in week 3 that we would be having a little
baby) but my god did I feel rough.

I cannot put into words what the last 3 months have brought.
For the first wee while I was falling asleep for 2 hours every afternoon and it
didn’t even cross my mind that I was pregnant. At the time we were looking
after little Milo (my sisters’ dog who I happen to tell everyone is mine) he
was obsessed with me, all over me and didn’t want to go anywhere without me. He
even watched me pee multiple times a day and sat next to the bath when I was
having a soak. Still… nope, didn’t think I could be pregnant. I mean that was
always a dream, a thought that was far, far away from being a reality.

Since I was younger I always wanted a baby, someone to love
unconditionally and care for forever, without the fear of them leaving. Playing
with my dollies and pushing them in the buggy, feeding them fake food and
dressing them in hideous outfits really was what made my chirpy little face
smile from ear to ear. The day I got my new doll who could wet a nappy was the
most astounding moment of my life where all new doors of motherhood were
opened… I was 5.

But here we are, I am 28 years old and 15 weeks pregnant as
I write this. Maybe 16 by the time I post it. I have felt better, and I have a
couple of little tips for surviving the first few months.

Battling the nausea:

I felt nauseous at the drop of a hat, from the moment I opened my eyes in the
morning until the moment I fell asleep at night. No matter where or what I was
doing I felt that little bit sick or that momentous sick feeling where I
thought the world was going to end. I will however count myself as one of the
luckier ones as I wasn’t throwing up every two minutes. It was just horrible as
I started working full time and couldn’t let on that there was something up. I
wore travel sickness bands quite a lot of the time, I always and I mean ALWAYS
kept something minty and a pack of salt and vinegar crisps with me. The body
requires sodium to function and one of the main reasons the body craves salty
things is due to dehydration so ensure you are drinking plenty water! I find
that mint settles the tummy but for me peppermint tea made me feel sick, so I
stuck to mints or chewing gum for a couple of minutes to get the taste. Lastly,
don’t wear leggings or trousers that are to tight around your tummy, as I write
this, I feel horrendous as my legging band is thick but a little tight and its
squeezing me making me want to vomit. So, stay away from anything to tight!

Coming to terms with a new you:

For the last couple of months I have been looking at my body in the mirror waiting for a bump to appear. It is disheartening when you see all the other changes such as your hips and legs getting wider but nothing on the tummy front. Now there is a little bump but I just look like I have put on some weight from eating all the crisps and chocolate. I have taken time to reflect on what is really happening in there. Believe it or not i’m growing a human, with eyes and ears and everything! And it is tough work. I have accepted that the body is changing, as is my mindset and my hormones are running wild (hello crying at literally everything) and this is totally OK. It is normal. All new mamas in the making and new mamas out there are going through the same thing. It is OK to talk about it, cry about it and just have a general gripe. We are all different and need to process things differently. I sometimes don’t even believe i’m pregnant just because there isn’t much of a bump and baby is to little to have an impact with their kicking. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first little insight to falling into the magical world of a mama in the making. Feel free to leave me any suggestions or comments to help me through this next stage!



  1. Iga Berry
    October 17, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    I am looking forward to reading more pregnancy updates! Massive congratulations girl!

    • Rachel Verlinden
      November 26, 2018 / 6:07 pm

      Hi chick!! so sorry for not replying to your message!! it slipped past me! Thank you so much, it really is a magical little thing 🙂

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