Baby Brain – 5 Ways to be Less Forgetful

I have been so forgetful over the last couple of months, here are my 5 tips on banishing baby brain and being less forgetful!

During this pregnancy I have realised the baby brain is indeed a real thing. A diagnosable disease which indeed has side effects such as placing the remote in the fridge or forgetting appointment times and where bills are a thing of the past. I’m just joking on the disease part but lets be honest, baby brain is legit!



Luckily I have devised a wee plan to help combat the forgetfulness. I am an avid organiser and I love having a pen and paper, I may be a little old school because I don’t like to use my phone for the calendar, it is just something I keep FORGETTING to look at. I have set it up an abundance of times and added important dates to it and time and time again I refer back to my bullet journal and never ever use it.

Bullet Journal/Diary/Calendar:

I have started and started again in the past with a Bullet Journal but I decided that this year was the year I was going to be less of a perfectionist and use one journal for the entire year which can house all of my notes, to do lists, important dates, baby dates, note pages. This was it is all in one place and I can use it as my creative side alongside my blog for planning and creating content. With your journal or diary, don’t, whatever you do tell yourself that you will write it down later. You won’t.




Make sure you get those zzzs at night. Although this can seem damn near impossible with a little baby kicking around in there, like Jackie Chan, get as much rest as you can. There is nothing more important than resetting your body during that time so that when you need to you can recall all that important information stored in your brain the next day. It is no secret that with lack of sleep comes the brain fog, the forgetfulness and being unable to think straight let alone remember tasks or dates.

Eating Well:

Through out this pregnancy, I have somehow found myself down the pitfalls of sugar. Chocolate has ended up being the most important food in my diet for the last couple months and to be honest, I hate it. Eating junk does not help with energy levels, which also means that I feel sluggish quite a lot of the time. Now obviously I know that I am growing a human… which adds to feeling tired, but eating the wrong foods makes me feel sluggish and lazy and when I am like that, I don’t remember anything, thats when the remote control gets put in the fridge or the thing I went to the bedroom for stays there and I come back with a completely random item. Ensure you are including a well rounded amount of nourishing foods into your diet, in my eyes that still includes chocolate, just maybe not a family sized bar of galaxy in one sitting (yes I have done that). Banish that baby brain!

Same Item Same Place:

My keys like to go for a wander, my wallet often gets left in shopping bags, my mobile phone resides everywhere and anywhere. I cannot tell you how many lip balms have disappeared before my eyes and to be quite honest, it does my head in (and Shaun’s to, especially when its the keys). I have introduced a little plate on the hallway console for our keys and often my wallet sits on it as well. Constantly putting them in the same place gives them less reason to go and wander. It has worked out grand and my keys don’t go missing half as much as they used to!


I take photos of everything, I screenshot hashtags I like, the parking lot code where the car is, recipes that I want to make, Shopping lists so if I ironically forget the shopping list I have it handy. We all use our phones hundreds of times per day for different reasons but if you are suffering from baby brain, this can really help!


And there you have it, 5 simple tips that you can put into practice today that don’t cost a pretty penny to help with that brain fog/ mumnesia/ baby brain/ forgetfulmcforgetfulness.


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