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I made the conscious decision that starting a capsule wardrobe would be the best decision ever. And then I fell pregnant. This little girl wonder made my closet organisation and minimising a little tricky.  I appear to be growing out of clothes as fast as I can throw them into the laundry basket. As soon as those first couple weeks went by I was already struggling to fit into my jeans and I felt so restricted in my tops and maybe a little self conscious as I was looking a little larger than normal. I decided to create a capsule wardrobe for maternity clothing which I can use for any future pregnancies and for the period after baby comes along when I still feel like the size of a house. I have made choices that have not broken the bank account and pieces that can all go together and create multiple outfits.

I have taken inspiration from Jessica Rose Williams and her magical capsule wardrobe to write this post and even asked her how she created her photo collages for her posts, it may appear simple but I am so happy with how my first picture collage turned out and I am excited to make more!

1. H&M Shirt  2. H&M Jersey Top 3. Cos T Shirt 4. Marks and Spencer Cardigan 5. Jojo Maman Bebe Dungarees 6. Lululemon Leggings 7. Mother Care Maternity Jeans

This is a snippit of what my maternity style is like. I tend to layer my clothes with plain white or black long sleeved tops underneath which I got from ASOS and they are perfect as the V neck line sits perfectly and they are long enough to cover bump and my bum when I wear leggings.  I like to add a hat or scarf because hello freezing weather and messy hair. I also like to add small touches like rolling up my jeans or dungarees depending on the shoe of choice. I haven’t got much but this has proved to me that you don’t need to own a lot in the clothes department to be happy. Once this little bundle is born I want to focus more on purchasing better quality clothes (albeit more expensive) which will last longer. There are of course things like cardigans etc that I can use when i’m not pregnant but I will definitely show you my capsule wardrobe once we have grown out of this one. 

Dungarees and little Milo and some shabby nails.

I have tried to keep it minimal which I have, my closet looks empty and I love it! I know where every single thing I own is and I find it so much less stressful. To keep things tidy when I come home I immediately go and hang my coat up  in my wardrobe and put my shoes back on the shoe rack, if i’m changing into comfies then my clothes go right back to where they live, if they are clean of course. 

A dirty mirror and a forever growing bump #reallife 

Below are a few more bits that are in my winter wardrobe during this pregnancy. I almost wish I was pregnant in the summer so I could wear all the nice floaty comfies and not be bundled up seeing as she is a personal hot water bottle that is heated at all times!

Any mamas out there have any tips or advice on the matter?


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