How to Break Out of the Anxiety Shackles

As some of you may know I have had my fair share of anxiety over the years with a little bit of depression added to the mix. For the longest time there was no way out, only the horrible heart palpitations, a lot of tears and stress and bullying feelings. This resulted in low self esteem, skin troubles, lack of motivation, not wanting to do simple tasks such as clean the flat etc. This was not the life I wanted to live and I was desperate to find a solution, a quick fix, just anything to dull the horrendous anxieties that pulsed through my body everyday.

When we found out we were expecting a tiny baby, I had even more anxiety (and I still do, had a wee bubble last night over something irrational). But this happened to be my get out of jail free card because I just knew that I couldn’t look after a baby with the way that I felt about myself, after all how could I be a mama and bring up a baby girl without teaching her my bad habits. It was time to change. Now i’m talking about this in past tense however it was such a short period of time ago I almost feel like i’m cheating you. But I want to share my experience with you none the less and tell you how to break free from the shackles of anxiety. By no means am I an expert on the case just a nurse merely sharing my experience in hope to help a sista out.

How to Break Out of the Anxiety Shackles:

1. Breathing Techniques

This is one which I learnt more about when I went to see a counsellor. I was handed a workbook to work through to help with understanding anxiety. I thought “oh great I won’t use this” at the start but when I got home I flipped through it and ended up getting hooked on what it was telling me. I learnt about controlled breathing, relaxation techniques, education on anxiety, problem solving and host of of other useful tidbits. Breathing is the one that has stuck out for me as it is what relaxes me and helps reduce the horrible feelings building up. Slow down! Breath in and out in a controlled manner. Work out a pattern that works for you, I personally breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for two seconds and then breathe out slowly for 4 seconds. I will do this for a couple of minutes until the anxiety starts to subside. This brings me onto my next point. 

2. Meditation

I use an app called Insight and you can set all the presets so that it is tailored to you preference. I enjoy the ambient sound called “into the wild” and I end my meditation session with bells so that I know when time is up. I find that this starts my day in a positive manner and it helps whip the negative thoughts out of my mind. 

3. Talking to your friends, your dog or a professional.

I have chatted with a lot of people, fellow Instagrammers, bloggers, friends and people who I haven’t talked to in years about mental health. Not only do I find it therapeutic and helpful but they do as well. Having an outlet to discuss whats on your mind can be the make or break for that day.  There is a magical psychotherapist Anna Mathur who is also a mama. She is so so inspirational for those of you who might be locked in those anxiety shackles. 

4. Writing

This is exactly what my blog is doing for me. It is one personal journey and I find it so therapeutic as you can write literally anything you want. This is my blog, my posts and words from my over stimulated brain. Writing takes my mind off of the anxiety and although I am putting myself out there I don’t get anxiety publishing my posts which is a really nice feeling. 

5. Fresh Air

Getting outside even if it’s only for a couple of minutes helps to clear the mind. It slowly takes away the nasties; my close friend once told me to imagine the anxiety being blown away in the wind. I have a wee balcony here at my flat at at least once a day I stand out there and just take in the cold air and take some deep breaths. My aim is so make it out for when the sun is rising because it is just that little bit more beautiful. 

I’d love to know how you deal with the anxiety shackles, leave me a comment or send me a wee DM


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