The Goal Loop Hole for 2019.

This is my diary entry to me from me:

Intentions. I am not setting goals or resolutions because I am that person who won’t stick to them and they will be thrown away like the amount of plastic we humans discard without a care in the world. (something I am changing rapidly in our house by the way) 
Intentions seem to be gentle, something a little more subtle to follow and there is something not so scary about them. Setting goals make me feel I have to stick to them, and if I don’t I feel like a failure. I definitely don’t want to head into the new year feeling like a failure. 

So lets talk about them. What does the word intention mean to you? To me it me it means an aim to work towards, something to focus on with a gentle nudge to maybe, just maybe meeting the intended said thing. It means that I have sat and thought about what is important to me and have the hope and want to accomplish them but if I don’t or it takes a little while to get there that it is ok, not one bad thing will happen to me if said intention is not met. 

My 5 Intentions: 

I don’t want to set myself a bar to high… so 5 seems like a nice number.

  • To simply drink 2 litres of water a day (at least) 

Preggy or not, water is a must and since being pregnant I have let this slip by the wayside. I love water, I just have such bad heartburn that even water makes me fly away like a gas filled balloon!

  • To live more Sustainably 

It is only fair to try to live a little more sustainably, soon there isn’t going to be a planet left to save and I want baby girl to grow up in a healthy world where she can breathe easy, then her kids and then their kids and so on and so on. I have reduced the amount of plastic in the house and on the days I know I won’t be home for meals I take my utensil pouch out with me which has cutlery and a metal straw in it. I also take my Swell bottle everywhere with me, it is looking a little worse for wear at the moment due to the amount of times I have dropped it but it is safe to say that it is definitely worth what I paid for it and hello no more plastic water bottles. I am also currently looking into household and skincare items where we can be a little more sustainable as well.

  • To stop playing the comparison game

This is a big one for me, Social Media makes me feel like my life isn’t as spectacular as others, my flat (is rented) doesn’t look like the rustic minimalistic home that I so desperately want to live in that I see plastered all over Instagram. I know that people post their best lives, they don’t show you the tears that were shed that morning or the trash that is sitting waiting to be taken out. I am a rational person (for the most part) and I know that social media is just that… social media… I am learning to use it as inspiration and enjoy others posts and lives and not constantly wish that I was living in someone else’s country house with a magical view. What I have is great. We are welcoming a baby, we moved away from Aberdeen and pursued our life down in the central belt and we are a family, everything else is trivial for me at the moment.

  • To start putting me first

I have noticed that over the last X amount of years that although I can be bolshy and have no problem giving my opinion when I feel that it is due, I always think of others first even though that means I feel like shit after. It sounds trivial and really silly and hard to explain however I will give it a bash. What good is constantly feeling annoyed at someone or something, because you have put them first. I am not by any means saying that I am going to be some horrible woman who is just mean to people haha but I am definitely going to consider my feelings a little more often than others on occasion. 

  • To meditate regularly

I am  intending to meditate on a daily basis to help with all of the anxieties and with the pregnancy, there is nothing like a clear mind and a fresh start to each day. 

oh and one sneaky one is to work a lot more on my photography as its a massive passion of mine I just feel it’s and area I need to pay more attention to!

Happy 2019!


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