The Pregnancy Diaries Part 1 – Burping Like a Piggy (Heartburn)

Let me set the scene. I am sitting at my laptop at 6am as sleeping is a thing of the past already and I will most likely fall asleep in a few hours in front of the TV watching Kon Mari… the laptop is up and running, the charger being held in place by a heavy work Ipad, I have a lovely smelling candle burning and my dressing gown is the preggy outfit of choice. I digress.

How many mamas out there in their second trimester have had bad bloating, non stop heartburn/indigestion and perhaps a little more gassy than usual? (or a lot like in my case) If so this post is for you! Lets be honest, pregnancy is no pretty picture, we turn into an all burping, farting, groaning machine and all dignity was left behind a long time ago. I’m still wondering how much dignity I have left to leave at the hospital when we do actually give birth!

Through the second trimester I have felt so uncomfortable, sore, a little sick however this has been due to eating and not morning sickness. As soon as I eat something, anything… even drink water… I feel like its all about to come right back up to say hello. I definitely cannot eat as much in a meal as I used to and I have always had one BIG appetite so that is disappointing. I feel like i’m constantly full up and to be honest it is a royal pain in the ass. Now I don’t want to brag or be that annoying preggy lady who has had it quite easy, but other than this slight issue, my pregnancy has been pretty smooth going. I haven’t had severe morning sickness and there hasn’t been any problems thus far except a sore back. (I have probably just jinxed myself majorly but for now we are ok) I just wanted to let you know of a couple home remedies that work for me and maybe you too!

  • I am a good lazy person, I love to lady down and snuggle with lots of pillows and blankets, however laying down and that sort of cradle stature has been awful for the last couple months. Sit up. Let gravity do its job and help everything stay down. 
  • Sitting on the sofa as it is so soft and plushy normally in a non pregnant state of mind is great, but now I find myself sinking in and not being able to breathe properly or get up as easy. My bestie lent me a full body sized pillow that loops around me and is great for sitting on the sofa. Now I obviously had this lent to me however click here for one on amazon. 
  • Pay attention to what you are eating. I am the queen of french fries or chips as they call it over here and I LOVE them, anytime of day and with a dollop of mayo. But greasy food and high fat foods do not sit well with me so I have had to slow down on the fried game. I find that as boring as it sounds eating ‘healthier’ foods are not as heavy and not so difficult for my body to process. Acidic foods seem to bring on the heartburn as well so although I am still eating them I am not eating them as much or as fast. 
  • SLOW DOWN. Don’t inhale your food. In this house if you don’t eat quick someone might pinch it. I have tried to take smaller bites and slow down on the rate at which i’m eating. 
  • Eat a banana. I believe that they have natural antacids which helps with the burn. Make sure they are ripe  – they taste better 😉
  • Lastly, I don’t go anywhere without Rennies. I tried the alternative brand in liquid form however the consistency made me want to vomit. So I have Rennies in my bag at all times however I don’t take them as much as possible as I don’t like the chalky taste in my mouth. 

If you have any other suggestions fire them my way because I am slowly pulling my hair out and I am so over apologising a hundred times a day for sounding like a large piggy!!


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