What I Bought When I Found out we were Expecting

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I have compiled a wee list of bits and bobs that helped me through the first and second trimesters. I found them incredibly useful and I know mamas to be out there will definitely find some of these a necessity! I am a little odd about being prepared for things, if only you could see how early on in the pregnancy I had the buggy (ahem 20 weeks) and clothes etc.

People are quick to tell you in pregnancy that so many things are useless. You won’t need that amazing looking techy bottle warmer and that you won’t use the Moses basket because the baby will be in bed with you without letting you decide for yourself. I mean what if your baby is the baby who sleeps for a solid 4 hours in the Moses basket? Or like me, there just isn’t space in our sad, little, double sized bed?

I made you a list of the things that I found useful before getting to the nitty gritty of buying the fun stuff like the buggy and nursery furniture…


  1. Neom Scented Candle 2. Hot Water Bottle 3. Bio Oil 4. Pregnancy Pillow 5. The Unmumsy Mum 6. How to Grow A Baby 7. Swell Water Bottle


Scented Candle

I decided to splurge on a Neom Candle a while ago and I never ever wanted to burn it because #topretty but when we found out we were expecting burning a nice candle felt well deserved! It smells so divine and it is so relaxing. Struggles with anxiety had me try anything and everything to help with relaxation! No one tells you how stressful the reality of the first trimester is!

Hot Water Bottle

I used to use a hot water bottle on my tummy when I had cramping prior to baby, and to be honest I may have used it on my tummy once or twice at the start before I knew I was really pregnant (sorry baby girl if I cooked you!) but I found as the colder days rolled in that having the bottle in at my back was so comforting. It soothed my aches and pains and was maybe more of a comfort blanket. Now in the third trimester my back is now getting worse I find I can’t use it as much as I have a permanent hot water bottle in my tummy! It’s the dead of winter and I don’t even really sleep with a blanket at night because i’m so warm.

Bio Oil

As soon as I accepted the fact that my body was going to change and it did so pretty rapidly, I started using Bio Oil. Now I know there are a ton of brands out there, and to be honest I knew that Bio Oil was tried and tested by my sisters and friends so I just knew that it was what I was going to use. I love rubbing my ever growing belly with it, my thighs and even my dry skin on my arms and legs as well. I like to sit and let it sink in for a wee minute before putting my clothes on. It has also helped a great deal with small scarring that I had on my face from spots. It is an all round WINNER!


I followed Clemmie Hooper or Mothers of Daughters long before I fell pregnant, she is so funny, honest and I love that she is a midwife. It was only natural to get her book “How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out”. It is jam packed with information and all the queries that pop into your head when everyone is telling you different, conflicting things¬† are answered! I also bought her journal once we were past the 12 week mark which is a beautiful memoir of our pregnancy. Something to keep forever and look back at.
I also thought that it was important to get something a little more light hearted so that I could have a laugh whilst going through the hardest, most trying months of my life (so far). This is where “The Unmumsy Mum” comes in. I have sped through it and it is so reassuring that all the doubts and worries that I have before even meeting baby are felt by so many other women out there! I am going to write a post on the pregnancy books that I have and found useful and the ones that maybe weren’t so useful. #Rachelsbookclub.

Worlds Biggest Pillow

I am a front sleeper, a back sleeper, and all round mover in my sleep. This is been stripped from me since being pregnant and I wake up every time I want to turn onto the other side. One of my besties lent me a massive pillow that completely engulfs me which is great because it gives me support for my back, my legs and it is so much more comfortable (keep in mind it takes up a lot of the bed!) If she hadn’t lent it to me I would have bought one none the less. I have linked one above that I found on amazon for you.¬† But really I can’t swear by it enough, it has been life changing!

Water Bottle

Lastly I made sure that I had my water bottle handy at all times. It is the one things that I had prior so I didn’t buy it but I have used it a lot more. Growing a baby is hard work and staying hydrated is so so important. I use my Swell bottle and it keeps my water cold for hours, plus it has reduced the plastic use in the house. I even bought shaun a reusable bottle because I hated seeing all the plastic bottles being thrown away (recycled, but still).

Is there anything that you have bought that massively helped you out during pregnancy? Have I missed an absolute gem?


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