Where to find Ethical Jewellery

I want to tell you about where you can find ethical jewellery with Little by Little. There is a lot of talk about living ethically and sustainably at the moment and it is a great movement to be a part of! I am all about supporting ethical brands where possible and aiming towards a more sustainable lifestyle is right up my ally.

It ‘s the afternoon and it is safe to say that it is bitterly cold outside. The food shop has been done and washing has been put on and I have a lovely hot cup of tea with my homemade muffins sitting close by as I write to you.

I have pampered myself this weekend with face masks, epsom salt baths and movie watching, I even got a back and shoulder massage. It has been bliss, I also looked through my clothes and my jewellery and wanted to talk about the importance of feeling good and feeling beautiful throughout pregnancy. Let us be honest, there are those days where you just feel awful, sluggish, have a bad hair day and just feel a little… ugly. Even if you’re not pregnant, we can all relate as we have all had those days before.

One small change I have made over the last couple weeks is to make sure that I get dressed and put on my watch, it instantly makes me feel more productive and ready for the day ahead. I wear jewellery minimally and I love only wearing one or two pieces at a time. Now, my fingers are a little chubby at the moment thanks to baby girl but my ears are just fine, which means earrings are my go to for jazzing up my outfit, especially when I’m having one of those days.

Last week I was sent the most beautiful pair of earrings from Little By Little , it is not often I am sent something with so much  beauty. They are from the Wedge Collection and they have definitely brightened up my outfits on those days where it is most needed! Little by Little was created through the love of food, combined with jewellery from Annabel Cox and Georgina Fuggle. Their collections are one of a kind and really so much thought and love has gone into their brand.

Your Challenge

Feeling beautiful can come from the smallest of things such as moisturising, having a bath, dressing up, or just taking 5 deep breaths. Anything at all that makes you feel that little bit better on those rubbish days are so important for our mental health and has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. So today I challenge you to do the one thing that will make you feel beautiful!

Sustainability has become so much more important to me over the last months. Especially with little baby girl coming along. I want there to be a world where she can grow up breathing in clean air, where all the wonderful animals still exist and she knows what a Polar Bear is! It has come to my attention how much we can do to help that dream come true. I am personally making small changes around my life including shopping more ethically and as Mari Kondo says, keeping things that spark joy. Little by Little are the perfect mix of absolute gorgeousness, sustainability and ethical beauty and I am making a much more conscious effort to take care of my things and make them last as long as possible.

The Brand:

Little by Little are completely transparent with their production, which is based in Peru and the factory has 350 employees. They use local Peruvian silver and their packaging is 100% recycled. This completely warms my heart seeing as all I talk about in the house is recycling! It is so beautiful to see companies branching out and using ethical ways for production and caring for the environment and the people as well. Little by Little give back to their community and give a donation to a charity; Action Against Hunger every time an item is purchased.

Wedge earrings in gold

The Wedge Collection is derived from the one and only watermelon. Just as well as i’m basically carrying a watermelon at the moment! *Insert Dirty Dancing Meme* here. The drop earrings are the perfect length for daily wear and can be dressed up for an evening outfit. It is safe to say that this journey of living more ethically and sustainably is an incredible one and I am enjoying it so much.

For you

Don’t forget that there is a 10% discount for my readers over at Little by Little: RACHEL10.

://Little by Little has commissioned this post and has gifted me the products, however all opinions expressed and photography featured are mine.

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