Why Pregnancy Doesn’t Give You the Right to Talk About Our Bodies

I want to talk about body image, body confidence and all of the positivity out there whether you are pregnant or not. I want to scream about it, I want to yell from my balcony about it. I want to cheer you all on, on your own body confidence journey.

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A little while back I posted on my Instagram about body positivity and it really resonated with a lot of you out there. Just as i’m writing this it turns out that on This Morning the one and only Holly and the Silver Fox are talking about a 7 year old being put on a diet. A DIET! I digress.

I wanted to write a post about this because it is something I am really passionate about. Since being a little girl I have always been conscious about not being naked and covering up in front of people, even family. My sisters always poked fun at me and I never forgot how it made me feel. I showered with the door closed and I hated it when they would walk on in when they felt like it. I was into all the sports at school but I always felt that I was bigger than everyone else. In an adult relationship I was told that he would ‘prefer it if I started to look after my body a bit more’, safe to say that relationship did not last. I never fit into my friends clothes for nights out and always felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Now that I am pregnant my body has changed in a way that I never knew was humanly possible. My belly is really big and I have stretch marks on my thighs. People ask me questions like “are you sure there is only one baby in there?” or ” oh my god you still have ten weeks to go, you look like you’re going to pop!” People like to touch my belly without asking and feel that just because i’m carrying a human that it somehow becomes their area of expertise. Don’t get me wrong, I know people mean it from a good place, but it really doesn’t make me feel good about myself or my pregnancy. Oh god, I am going to be one of those mothers who is over protective and a bit Monica Geller aren’t I?! On my tummy I have snagged my skin with my nails and my belly button where I used to have a piercing has become a sore. It is not pretty, but hey… it’s just part of the journey and as much as it isn’t a beautiful sight I have grown to stop worrying so much about getting my belly out and taking photos. I wanted to try and be a little more open with my own body and show you that everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin.

Have I indulged in chocolate and ice cream throughout my pregnancy? Yep! You bet I have and I am not sorry about it. Of course health wise I could be a little smarter but image wise I am not concerned at all. I rub my belly all the time and dance around like an idiot. I am on a journey with myself at the moment, i’m growing an actual human who is almost fully formed at this point, rolling around and stretching my belly out. Growing an entire human is absolutely indescribable and you will only know how it makes you feel once you experience it for yourself.

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All body shapes and sizes should be praised, we should not be put down for the way we look. Pounds or muscles, does it really matter? If it isn’t your body you shouldn’t be commenting on it or looking at it differently. Who says that your body is much better? I found this a lot more difficult at the beginning stages of pregnancy when I didn’t particularly look pregnant but I don’t look like myself either. It is so easy to worry about what other people think about you but in reality, it’s none of your business what others think and it really shouldn’t impact your day to day life. It’s them, not you. I promise. Most of the time it comes from jealousy. The little green monster we all know too well. People always want what others have, whether that is a baby, a new house or a new hair cut; the way for them to soften the blow is to tear you down and say something negative to make them feel better about not having what you have. That is one long winded sentence but you get my gist. Not caring what others think of me is one of the hardest hurdles I have had to jump over, but with support from my good friends, partner and shutting out the negativity I am well into my journey of working hard on overcoming the constant worry of what others think.

So mamas out there and anyone else struggling with body positivity and confidence, brush those comments off your shoulder, remember that it isn’t your problem that others speak before thinking and say negative things, it’s theirs. You got this and you are beautiful inside and out, no matter what social media shows you, what ‘friends’ and family say to you and how the public treat you.

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I hope that you all can take something from this wee post and enjoy your body any way you like!

Have you any tips for me to get over my body image issues?


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