The End of the Road | 39 Weeks Pregnancy Bumpdate

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“Waiting for this baby is like picking someone up from the airport but you don’t know they are or what time their flight comes in”


I have finally come to the almost end of this pregnancy journey, and what a journey it has been! From decorating the nursery, having a sore back, being so hungry I could eat a zebra to now being the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life. It is safe to say that I am ready to meet this little girl so that I can love her unconditionally in the outside world and be in the newborn bubble of smelling her head and her milky milk breath. It is strange how these things become so important/ normal when in reality smelling someones head could be interpreted as a little weird haha.

It is week 39 and if I am being honest I thought that she would be here for snuggles already!! A little naive I know however, I have just been so excited about it all. I have wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember and playing with my dolls (and Tyson the cat), pushing them in my old stroller is now just a distant memory.

On Staying Healthy

I don’t want to be one of those pregnant women who says that their pregnancy has been a breeze because we all experience it differently. I haven’t been unwell or had any complications however, I promised myself that I would work out and eat healthily throughout the 9 months to ensure that baby girl was well looked after and to be honest I failed. She isn’t even here yet and I feel like I have failed her. That isn’t a nice feeling at all but it’s the honest truth. I can work on this and only I can change what I put into my body. I have prepped plenty of yummy meals and popped them in the freezer so that when she is here I haven’t got to worry about cooking for the first few days!

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The Discomfort

Now that I’m 39 weeks pregnant I have very swollen ankles and my right arm is numb most of the time and my hands are so sore. My back aches and my lower abdomen is painful when I move/walk. I have put on quite a lot of weight for my small 5ft3 frame so my knees are sore. Now none of theses things compare to what some ladies go through and to be honest all of these things are just classed as “normal”. After a while they niggle at you and frustration sets in and I am definitely at that stage where I am frustrated. Everyone always says not to wish your pregnancy away and to enjoy it, after all this could be my only pregnancy I every experience but in all honesty I am over being pregnant, I miss sleeping on my front and being able to get off the sofa without being pushed.

On Cravings

When I think back to the start of this pregnancy, I don’t think that I had much cravings, that or I made myself believe that I didn’t have any… but as time as ticked by I have noticed that I cannot stop eating sweet, sugary stuff.. I could easily have a spoon of sugar accompanied by another spoon of sugar, dipped in sugar (I haven’t actually done this but I totally could!) I have had a lot of nesquik and chocolate which may be why I have gained so much weight, and I have definitely been in a calorie surplus! I am trying to change this and I have 0 excuses as to why I can’t control it except sheer laziness and lack of willpower. Future me is going to work hard on this because I feel rubbish with what I am putting into my body and I plan to breastfeed so I want whats best for the both of us.

On Hormones

To be fair I haven’t been as emotional as I expected; there hasn’t been as many tears as I thought I would have shed but… I did just cry at the last ever episode of Still Game so ya know there are some things that just can’t be helped. I have been a little short here and there but who doesn’t have crappy days even when your not pregnant? Shaun might have a different opinion on this but i’m positive I haven’t been a complete witch haha!

The Waiting Game

Now we are just sitting waiting. I did pop over to the hospital the other day as little miss didn’t appear to be moving but… she is all well and kicking away in there. They did a growth scan and she has measured a little on the larger side. I know these things are not accurate and not to pin all my hopes (or fears) on the weight they gave me. But we will just wait and see how big she is when she arrives. They did say that her head was in normal range, right bang in the middle

1970-01-01 01.00.00 2so that has eased the nerves a little bit! Patience is hard when you are just so excited waiting for something so magical. So when you are ready baby girl we will be here waiting for you.


I cannot wait to have her here and be her mummy but for now folks that’s all there is. Patience and bouncing on the birthing ball is all I have until a spicy curry tomorrow :p


Does anyone have any good recommendations to bring on labour naturally?


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