About Me

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Rachelauryn, my very own little simple living and insight to motherhood blog!

This all started as a diary, just somewhere to write how I felt and truth be told it was forever changing, the reason for that… because I love so many different things in life and I was exploring a lot of them!

I have whittled it down as I am a little more focused on what I really love. I hope you enjoy my journey into motherhood and the simple living journey that I am creating here in Scotland. I am moving into a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle and focusing on ways to brew this little baby and birth her into a world that I can be proud of.

A few more words on me…

I moved down to Livingston a year ago and we set up life here. Although I am always looking for the perfect country home and looking at all the inspiration out there, we currently live in a flat where we will be welcoming our first baby this year. I am a registered nurse and although nursing is definitely not my calling in life it is what I do. I grew up overseas and lived the third culture kid lifestyle for a long time and adjusting to settling somewhere is hard work, but 10 years later i’m still here trying.

I love all things rustic, simple and slow and growing this little baby is my most exciting journey yet. I am obsessed with living a more sustainable lifestyle and i’m making lots of swaps in my life to live a little more ethical and happy. My love for writing, chronically oversharing and taking photos of life is what you will find here. I hope you enjoy it!

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